Provide the most comprehensive medical billing services utilizing advanced technology and experienced staff

Expert coding services can empower your organization to achieve the results you expect and deserve.

We recover funds as quickly as possible while, reorganizing, recruiting, and training our staff to perform these functions efficiently.

CodeMatrix is a leading provider of Revenue Cycle Management Services to the Medical Billing Companies in the United States.

CodeMatrix is a provider of revenue cycle management and audit services to the Medical Billing companies, individual physician or group, hospitals and payers. With an indomitable spirit to succeed, CodeMatrix made a modest start in 2015 from a small home office with a team of four. Today, with the combined professional experience of over 60 plus years, we are determined to serve you to the fullest of our potential with an uncompromising quality and dedication.

CodeMatrix specializes in electronic billing ensuring speedy reimbursement for our clients. We provide the most comprehensive medical coding and billing services utilizing advanced technology and experienced staff. We continuously keep track of industry changes and requirements reducing the compliance risk for our clients. We have a proven track record of saving time and money for our clients consistently.