Medical Coding Service

Our Coding services include but not limited to the following

  • Medical Coding
  • Medical Coding Audit
  • RAC Audit
  • Clinical Documentation Enhancement
  • Bill Review

Why CodeMatrix?

We provide an intensive and in-depth analysis of your coding practice. We study the need of following LCD, LMRP and other guidelines which require to be followed for a clean claim with the maximum reimbursement.

We examine the usage of modifiers, tagging of diagnosis against the existing LCD for the given county/State. Documentation on ancillary procedures will be examined against every possible up-coding versus down-coding.

What can you expect?

We will track down the following, backing up with solid proof.

  • Incorrect / missed ICDs
  • LCD not followed
  • Missing / Incorrect modifier
  • Inconsistent Level of service
  • Incorrect / missed ancillary services.
  • PQRS Measures missed
  • Client /Payer specification missed
  • Bundling/ unbundling
  • Up-coding / Down coding
  • RVU order sequence missed

Clinical Documentation Enhancement

We provide insights to our clients on the need for improvement on the clinical documentation. It is of prime importance that a physician needs to furnish the documentation to its fullest entirety.

There are instances where a clinical document has to be presented with the details of past failed medical intervention and have led to the current treatment option. On failing to do so, the claim ends up in denial.

Some report has to be clinically documented with the support of strong backing up of medical necessity, complexity, and consumption of extra time, effort, skill and expertise to evade bundling or denial issues.